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WHEN I received a mistaken phone call from Alex a few weeks ago, it suddenly sunk in how much I am missing the radio industry.

Throughout University, Southside Broadcasting became a part of my life – it opened doors to me and allowed me to experience the reality of co-presenting in both live and pre recorded radio shows.

So I decided to drop Alex an email, asking if I could take part in a telephonic link with Siren FM. Alex jumped to the chance and replied ‘yes’ straight away.

My body beamed with excitement.

At around 7.50am this morning, my phone began to ring, I jumped up to answer… It was Alex. After around an 8-9 minute wait, listening to some music and catching up on the latest news from Sky, I was back on air doing something I love.

I spoke on life here in Sunderland, (and also took some comic digs from Alex, about how terrible Sunderland SAFC are, ha – it made me laugh), life after University – where I’m workingΒ and where I’m hoping to be in the near future, growing independent and moving out of my parents home and in to my own flat, my goal which is to pass my driving test this year, and most importantly I gave advice to current university students, who are studying Journalism at Lincoln University.

My words of wisdom were: ‘go out and get as much work experience as you possibly can, as it looks great on your CV’. But most importantly my top tip was, ‘enjoy every single moment of uni because unfortunately it doesn’t last forever and without a doubt, they are the best years of your life’.

It was great to be a part of Siren’s buzz, after a very long time. It was so exciting and I’m even going back to do it all again next month, so stay posted πŸ™‚