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I HAVE just got home from another therapeutic session, by Ashbrooke Therapies, and my back is still tingling.

This evening, I walked in to the relaxing room, which is surrounded by black and bright pink towels, with Heart radio playing softly in the background, and I was asked by the therapist: ‘Did we do acupuncture last time I saw you?’

What!? Silly me thought what on earth is that, ha! But my immediate response was, ‘no’.

Next question she asked me was: ‘Do you mind if we do it today?’

Oh no, help, ha! My response was natural within itself, ‘whatever helps my back, I’m more than happy to have’.

So I began to lay down on the bed and the therapist began to gather some equipment together. Suddenly I felt a prick in my lower back… Oh! And then another, and another… The therapist then explained that this form of treatment consists of small needles being placed in to certain parts of the body, which cause pain, to help release the tensity of the pain and also release muscle spasms.

This was a great form of treatment, I felt unbelievably comfortable throughout, as well as very relaxed.

Half way through the treatment, I began to feel a sudden pressure in my lower back, which meant the treatment was kicking in and starting to work – it was a great feeling.

After, the therapist then soothed some oils against my lower back and began to give me a soft massage to finish off.

After the treatment, my Dad explained that acupuncture is a well known cure, which originally came from China.

After that, I am feeling one hundred times better… So relaxed.