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GOOD MORNING guys, how are you all doing today? Luckily enough, I have this weekend off work, before heading back there on Monday morning. Considering I am off, I am up pretty early. The reason being is because I’m off to physio therapy.

Last summer, I was on a driving lesson and at the time, I was involved in a car incident. Without a doubt, this was one of the most scariest experiences of my life, to date. Luckily, no one was seriously injured, we just happened to be in a state of shock more than anything.

Since that fatal day, I have been suffering with on and off lower back pain, which prevents me from walking long distance and flexing my legs, in ways that I used to, (for example, I used to love sitting comfortably crossed legged on the floor, or I actually used to sit on my feet, to raise me higher). But when I come to do this now, unbelievable pain shoots through me.

For a while, I tried to deal with the situation but it wasn’t becoming any easier, so my parents suggested physio therapy for me. At first, I didn’t like the idea – the thought of someone pressing down hard on somewhere which hurts terrifies me!

But after a bit of persuading, I decided to go with my parents decision, in the hope that this treatment would cure me.

I went along to Ashbrooke Therapies about a week and a half ago for an induction, the therapist asked me a serious of questions in regards to my pain… Rate your pain from 1-10, in which area is the pain strongest, how did it happen…

After a half hour session – introducing ourselves to one another, answering a selection of questions, improvising a couple of excercises – the physio therapist came to the conclusion that a couple of sessions were needed in order to build the strength in my lower back.

The impact of the incident, entailed my upper body to be pushed forward which cause the pain in my back.

Now hopefully, after a few of these sessions my back will be back to how it used to be!