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OKAY so that’s Physio out of the way, my next session is in a few days time.

Today, the therapist advised me to lay down, on my stomach, on her elevating bed. Firstly, she put some oil across my lower back and began massaging it in – slowly and gently. The massage was so relaxing and felt great on my back. It definitely helped to ease that horrible, shooting pain.

So now that Physio is off my agenda, I now have the full day ahead, so I’m off home to wake up Yargs and then we’re heading out to capture some shots. I have this amazing idea for an upcoming blog, and today that’s exactly what I’m going to be working on.

I’m planning on taking a series of pictures, of Yargs, dressed in different, fashionable items, around different areas of Sunderland… That’s all I’m going to say.

So make sure you guys keep posted, as this will be coming up over the next few weeks, and also make sure you keep updated, in order to discover my images from the glamorous NTA Awards 2016.