WHEN my Mum and Dad told us on Christmas Day that we were going to London, in January, to watch the National Television Awards, at the O2, I was so excited! I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive. At the time, it felt like a life time away but now it is all over (boo).

Waking up bright and early on Wednesday morning was the easiest moment ever, because my full body was just beaming with excitement.

The bus was due to leave Sunderland station at 8.35am, but it arrived 55 minutes late – waiting in the freezing cold was a bit of a challenge, because I just wanted to be on our way. The bus welcomed us with a blast of heat, from their radiators, which instantly warmed up my body. Our seats were right at the front, so we could see everything from the driver’s point of view. Situated next to the window, Kirst sat right next to me and then just across the aisle, sat my Mum and Dad.

Heart music blasted through the radio, with chart topping songs booming through.

The first stop was at Wetherby service stations. Here, we were given a half hour break, to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat. Me and my sister decided to treat ourselves to a Burger King (yum) – I haven’t had one of these since I worked there, last year. I decided to go for a medium fries, along with six chilli cheese bites (my favourite snack, ever), washed down with an ice cold coke.

Back on the coach, we began the journey again – 60-70 miles per hour, down the motorway. We arrived in London, just after 3pm. Finding the hotel was a little difficult – the coach driver was totally lost. Eventually we found it – just slightly separated from Heathrow Airport‘s runway (watching the planes come and go, was magnificent. Up in the air, they waited in a line for one another to clear from the runway – it was so busy). We were placed in Thistle hotel – it was a nice hotel, with the breakfast bar looking out on to the runway.

Once we eventually arrived, the driver told us we have 45 minutes to get changed and freshened up for the event. A state of panic swept across each of the passengers – 45 minutes!? – that is not enough time. Each one of us hurried towards our room and began to unpack our cases and get sorted for the NTA’s.

Ah, we made it! Back on the coach for 4.30pm, we began our trek through Central London, to get to the O2. Once again we got lost! The driver was feeling very frustrated, as the clock was quickly ticking in front of us. Passengers around me were once again in a state of panic thinking we weren’t going to make it on time. Battling through the Central’s traffic was definitely a challenge within itself – it was unbelievably busy!

With just 5 minutes to spare before the NTA’s began, live on air, we darted through the entrance to find our seats as soon as possible. Row J, seat 238… where are you? A nearby worker, escorted us to our seats – way up in the sky! As I took my seat, my heart began to race and my body began to sweat, we were sat so high (and I am not a fan of heights) – it took me a little while to get used to these surroundings.

Dermot O’Leary was the show’s presenter and the celebrities sat just in front of him. It was such a surreal moment, to think I was in the same room as all of those celebrities… (Ant & Dec, the cast of Hollyoaks, Corra and Eastenders, Holly Willoughby, Ferne Mccann, and many more).

Throughout the show, I captured some amazing moments, and I got to see stars in real-life, who I’d only dreamed of seeing, since I was a child.

I was so thrilled to see I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here win an award – this was so well deserved. From a very young person, I have always been a huge fan of Ant and Dec, and I’m a Celeb, is without a doubt one of my favourite TV shows – it’s just a shame that it only comes around once a year!

On the other hand, it was a little disappointing to see that Hollyoak’s didn’t win a single award, as this is my all time favourite TV soap.

Considering it was a live show, it was amazing to see behind the scenes. At the start of each interval, a producer blasted through the mic… “big round of applause to all of our winners”, “audience you’re doing great, keep up with the clapping and the cheers, it is very supportive”, “celebrities, please stay seated, for when we come back”, and “we’re back live on air, in 10 seconds, 10 seconds everyone”. It was incredible to see. When you’re sat at home watching a live or even pre-recorded show, it is very rare that you think about all of the hard work what goes in to making that show, plus what actually happens behind the scenes.

Overall, the evening was amazing!! Without a doubt, it started 2016 with a bang!

Keep updated to see the snaps I shot, on my next blog!

Once the show came to an end, we headed straight back to the coach, in order to travel back to the hotel.

The journey in itself, took 2 hours, which meant we arrived back at the hotel just after midnight.

By this point, we were absolutely starving! After all, we hadn’t ate since lunch time. So just across the road, we spotted a 24 hour McDonald’s. At 12.30am, we got wrapped up in our fur coats, and went across here to grab some much needed food! The taste was unreal, it went down a treat.

The next morning, we once again, woke nice and early and headed downstairs for breakfast. Here, there was a wide choice to choose from – a full English breakfast, cereal, fruits, croissants, toast, baguette… I was indulged in so many, yummy tastes.

We then headed back to the hotel room to finish off our packing.

At around 10.30am, we arrived in Central London – we were given the chance to spend a few hours touring Central London, before beginning the journey back home. I was so excited as I am a huge fan of London.

Firstly, we headed to Oxford Street and explored some of the designer shops in sight.

We then took a nice leisurely stroll to Covent Gardens.

At 2pm the coach picked up us, and we began the journey back home.

I had the most incredible time in London, it was filled with so many memorable moments!