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HEY GUYS, how are you all? After last nights celebrations, I am feeling a little hungover to be honest and I can’t wait for the pizza shop to open, by me – tomato garlic bread, served with chips and garlic sauce is needed. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, did you get up to much?

I cannot believe we welcomed 2016 in last night – already!? 2015 absolutely flew over, but it was definitely an amazing year filled with lots of memorable moments.

Last night, I met Yargs from work (yes, I was stuck in work until 5pm which was a bit of a shame, but I got through it) and we made last minute plans – let’s hit the town and celebrate NYE with a few friends. Searching through my wardrobe for something to wear, as soon as I got home, I was in a debate about what to wear, as I haven’t been out to purchase any new night out outfits for a while. I pulled out four or five options and asked Yargs for his opinion. The decision was then finally made – I decided to wear a purple laced dress, and dress it up with my black high heels and sparkly, sequenced clutch bag.


Getting ready, I applied my favourite make up range and thickened my eye liner to make my eyes stand out, nice and dark. It was then touched off with a bigger flick than normal and I loved it. I dressed my outfit up with some gold jewellery, Β lately I wear nothing but silver, but I thought considering I’m going out, let’s change it up a little. I then squirted unlimited amounts of my favourite perfume – Diamonds (Armani) and it smelt unreal! My sister treat me to this, at Christmas time. Finally, I smothered my skin in raspberry flavoured body butter, it instantly soaked through my skin and made it feel so soft.

All round, the night in town was amazing! I celebrated the strike of midnight on a dance floor, with the best person! Prior to the special moment, the countdown began… 10, 9, 8… When the time arrived, the DJ screamed HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, I was instantly wrapped in to Yargs’ arms, confetti poured from above and a guy next to me blasted open a bottle of champagne – which went absolutely everywhere, including in my hair (I looked like a drowned rat) – not the best look for NYE but I didn’t even care. I took in every bit of the evening and enjoyed a few glasses of vodka to celebrate.

Now that 2016 has arrived, it is that time where we must make a new year’s resolution – now I have not one but two…

  1. Pass my driving test
  2. Study hard and start a new career (lately, I have came to the decision that I would love to become a nurse – I want to feel pride in what I do and also help and accompany others).