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I HAVE found the most perfect body butter and mist, both from ASDA, for unbelievably good prices.

Winter may well be my favourite time of year but my skin tells a totally different story. When the cold, frosty air touches my silky skin, it cracks, fearing the icy period. My skin and the cold weather don’t mix too well together at all, as the cold tends to make my skin feel rough and damaged. At first this was a massive concern for me, as no one wants to have that dry, chapped look. The main area in which I suffered was my hands and considering you use them for every day life, I shied away in embarrassment, only until I found the new perfect product.

Browsing the shelves one day in ASDA, my eye was caught to a mixture of colours and flavours – each were body butters and body mists. With excitement, I began to eagerly rip the lids off each and every one to smell the soft smell of different fruits, they were amazing!

The soft smell of raspberry instantly surprised me, it was amazing! If I could leave my skin smelling as nice as this, then that would be delicious. So without a doubt, I treat myself to the goodies. At the time, the thought of my skin didn’t even cross my mind, I wasn’t even in ASDA that day looking for a product in particular, but as soon as I got home and tested my new body butter, my skin not only felt but smelt amazing too – I was so happy with my purchase. I even got the body mist too, and I carry it everywhere with me, it’s great to top up, when at work for long days, as it leaves me smelling fresh.

Each night, after my shower, I apply the raspberry scent, slowly smoothing it in to my skin – after only a few days use, my skin suddenly began to soften, back to its normal, summery self.