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SINCE 2015 is now drawing to a close, I thought I would share with you guys some of my top highlights from the past year… It’s certainly been eventful, enjoy! πŸ™‚ x

1. Helicopter ride…

WOW, what an incredible journey. Getting the chance to experience the world from above was amazing. Sitting next to the pilot, I watched in awe at the sight of him controlling everything and also keeping me posted through the enormous headset which took over half of my head, he he. I got to see the world from a new perspective, as the helicopter smoothly drifted side to side, I was astonished to see landmarks from across the North East region, which were set to be miles apart from each other. I will be forever grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Northumbria Helicopter ride: A truly unforgettable experience

2. Getting a new job…

The one week where I was left unemployed, was one of the most awful and stressful times of my life, I hated the thought of not being able to go out and earn my own living. But luckily enough for me, unemployment didn’t last too long. I managed to gain full-time employment in an inbound call centre, where I am now surrounded by lots of friendly faces and interacting to people daily, about car insurance. Although it may not sound like the most exciting job in the world, it is great to be a part of such an achieving and successful business. Fusion is also an award winning business – it was recently crowned ‘North East Contact Centre of the Year 2015‘.

3. Afghan wedding…

As some of you may remember, in May I went on a little road trip with Yargs and two of our closest friends, to London, in order to celebrate the wedding of Yargs eldest brother and his partner. The evening was the most beautiful thing, the room was filled with love and excitement, and it was amazing for me to get a taster of what weddings, in Yargs’ culture, are like – that special little Afghan twist.


4. Meeting the Australians after almost 10 years apart…

One of the best moments of 2015, was on a red hot summers day, when I was finally reunited with members of my family, who decided to move out to Australia, almost 10 years ago. Since that moment, I had not seen or even contacted them; therefore, to get the chance to see them for the first time in ages, was magical. Reuniting with a cuddle and kiss was amazing – it felt great to see them – as I was so young, the last time I saw them, I could not even remember what they looked like, ha! This day in itself was filled with lots of memorable, precious moments.

5. Passing my theory…

The feeling of finally passing my driving theory test was amazing – this caused a huge celebration, I can not wait to pass my driving test and get behind the wheel of my very own black and white Citroen DS3 (I don’t actually have that car yet, but I would love to get it one day soon).Revision is under-way as I am hoping to pass my driving theory test very soon!

6. Moving out…

One of the biggest decisions of my life to date, was deciding to move out of my parents home and rent a flat with Yargs Β – a huge step, right? Although I do miss living at my parents massively, more and more each day in fact, I absolutely love sharing a flat with Yargs – we are having so much fun. But not only that, I am finally growing my own independence and doing lots of things for myself, which is great – when I go back home now, I don’t rely on my parents to do every little thing for me, which makes them so proud.

7. An unforgettable summer…

Although me and Yargs didn’t have much money this summer, which prevented us from going on holiday, we still made the most of it – we went on endless amounts of road trips and shared lots of fun together. From my parents caravan to Lightwater Valley to Penshaw Monument to The Blue Reef Aquarium to DurhamΒ to Whitby, to the beach, and many more – we had a ball this summer and certainly made a collection of new memories.


8. Preparing for our own Christmas…

My favourite time of year – Christmas. Me and Yargs had our very first Christmas in our flat this year. We decorated it with our very own little Christmas tree, (a sparkling silver tree surrounded with blushing red baubles and tinsel, bright white lights, which flicker, flash or stick and a glistening red star to top it off with). We shopped till we dropped whilst on a hunt to find the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones. We watched a whole heap of Christmas movies, whilst the fresh scent of candles beamed around us (from The Grinch, to Miracle on 34th Street, to The Snowman).We creatively wrapped our loved ones gifts and ate sickening amounts of chocolate.




I hope you guys have had a great year!

Now, as it’s fast approaching, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year x