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COSY nights in with a mug of hot chocolate (covered in fresh whipped cream, of course), my onesie, a good ol’ movie, cuddles and the sound of rain pounding off the window is my ideal perfect night in… I love the winter!

I know most people will probably think I’m crazy for saying that… after all most people I know prefer to be waltzing around in the blazing heat, in their summer goods (shorts and tshirt). Don’t get me wrong – summer is great… for holidays, enjoying cool, refreshing treats such as ice cream and slush and having lots of fun in the sun.

But, as you all know me and Yargs recently moved in to our own flat together and there is nothing more relaxing than getting home from work, slipping in to my onesie, walking in to the kitchen and smelling the delicious taste of a home cooked meal sizzling away, lighting our candles (which leaves a fresh smell of strawberries and berries mixed in one) and sticking a good ol’ movie on the TV (preferably a nice, soft animation… we love these types of movies).


Lately, high street stores have had some amazing sales… my favourite one by far has to be Debenhams – especially at this time of year (Christmas, woo)! They do so many perfect items for unbelievably great prices – I have managed to purchase so many nice things for Christmas and I am over the moon, (from ornaments to a smoothie maker to perfumes and aftershaves).

When shopping in town with my Mum just a few weeks ago, we decided to browse the rails in Debenhams and my Mum treated me to the most perfect winter coat. Lately, I love that khaki coloured look and that’s the exact colour I decided to go for. With fur wrapped around my whole neck, I have never felt so snug. The purchase was such a bargain too – only £55 (with almost 30% off). Originally my Mum was going to put it towards my Christmas presents, but very soon turned against that idea. As it is so cold already, she decided to give me it a couple of weeks early. Stepping outside, in what feels like the middle of the night, but in fact it’s just those grim early mornings, this coat protects me from that breezy wind, making me feel all warm inside.