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Hey guys, how are you all? Sorry for not updating much lately, but I have been so busy.

To start off my week I began training again, in work. This time around, I’m getting trained for Customer Service and in all honesty, it’s getting trickier by the day. But I’m sure I’ll get there eventually with it. After all, practice makes perfect, right!? For the past few months, I have been a part of the sales team, but I always hoped to succeed further and focus on other subjects too, rather than just sales. So my time finally approached. I’m currently on day three of training, so towards the end I’ll let you guys know how it really went.

Alongside this, I have also been helping Yargs sort out his flat. Who’d have thought renting a flat would be so hard ha! There’s so much thought and work needed for this. But I think he’s due to get his keys very soon, so fingers crossed! It’s all super exciting, because the flat is lovely. All newly decorated, with the smell of fresh scent filling the air.

And finally, I’ve also been helping my sister out by completing online applications for new jobs.

Busy busy!!

So anyway, why don’t you guys fill me in on what yous have been up to lately 🙂