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YESTERDAY I had the privilege to speak to one of the nicest customers I’ve possibly ever had the chance to work with.

At the age of 81 years old he began telling me tales of him and his wife (who sadly passed away last year).

The conversation grew instantly from him recognising my broad North East accent. He explained to me how his wife was brought up in Seaham (a well-known Sunderland area) and he began asking what it’s like, as a place now.

We chatted solid for almost half an hour!

As his wife’s picture sat in front of him, “smiling” away, he told me how they’d met on a blind date in Greece, married not long after and stayed together for years – what a perfect story of true love!

My heart sank as he told me these stories, how he just opened up to me as a result of hearing an accent which had a special meaning to him. I was feeling all emotional as he quoted: “blooming ‘eck there’s not a day goes by where I don’t miss her y’know”.

At the end of the call, he thanked me continuously for bringing back such lovely memories of his wife – it felt great to do something good without even meaning to.

So for that reason, he was a lovely customer to chat to and he left me feeling a sense of pride and emotion.