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DO you ever find it hard to save up money?

Well if you’re anything like me, I certainty do. I currently have my own savings account and Halifax are great at supporting me with that, but it’s one of those accounts where I can take out money at any time… NOT GOOD!

Whenever my normal bank account runs low, I turn to my savings as a back up; therefore, it always seems to go down.

So I remember a couple of years ago, I headed in to town to do a spot of shopping and I spotted those ‘smash it’ money boxes… The perfect solution to start saving!

Pot of dreams: The perfect way to begin your savings, just in time for Christmas coming up

Pot of dreams: The perfect way to begin your savings, just in time for Christmas coming up

imageBuy yourself a pretty money box which adds to the decor of your room in style, so that you don’t get tempted too soon to smash it – after all, it’s too nice to smash, and start them savings.

When I purchased my first ever box, I remember I saved hard for a few months – chucking the odd change along with a few hard earned notes in there too, every now and then.

Eventually, I came to the decision… ‘Let’s smash this and see how much I’ve saved…”

So I did just that.

When I smashed viscously in to it, money poured out and I was shocked as to how much actually came out.

Coins smashed against each other as I began counting.

And guess how much I managed to save… £354 – I was over the moon!

Since purchasing my first ever savings box, I have purchased another two in the mean time. My most recent one cost just 89p from B&M Bargains and it’s even surrounded with an image of my favourite city (New York City), and it’s great! I am so excited to save hard for these next few months and see how much I come out with by the end… Personally, I feel that it’s a great way to start then Christmas savings.

So why don’t you give it a go and go get yourself one too.