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WHY is driving so scary!?

Well, that’s my own, personal opinion anyway.

As most of you guys probably already know, I am currently learning to drive (with Pass n Go), as a result of passing my theory test just a few weeks ago! That has given me the determination and drive to want to pass. Initially my goal is to pass by Christmas, but that’s only a few months away so I’ll have to work extra hard.

Every time I am due to have a lesson, my heart pounds with nerves beforehand, whilst waiting for my driving instructor to pull up, in his Peugeot. My instructor is a very friendly and reassuring guy who helps to take the pressure off, a lot.

Whilst in control, I panic at the sign of anything but my instructors faint laugh at me kind of takes the pressure away.

The car which I am learning to drive in is quite big, which makes it slightly harder for me as I am only little anyway. So as soon as I get in, I pull the seat forward, as far as it can go, he he.

But I guess learning to drive in a big car is going to make driving small cars fairly easier, once I pass.

Although I do enjoy it and hope to one day very soon, own my own little car, I do still find it mega scary!!

But I guess, practice makes perfect, right?