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AFTER enjoying a few lovely, relaxed days off work last week, and a further more this weekend, I am now back in business, sat in front of my computer, earning those pennies.

My few days off certainly did fly over (both times) – I can’t believe how quick it went!

But I definitely got the beautiful weather, whilst off. Each day the sun shone brightly down on me (I even got a little sun burnt on my shoulders – OUCH)!

On my first day, last week, as most of you all probably know I made a return to Southside Broadcasting for an on-location report (exciting stuff). You can even find out more about this trip, here on my blog.

Myself, Jennie Finch and 'The For Goodness Sake' team all ready and raring to go, during our on-location report

Myself, Jennie Finch and ‘The For Goodness Sake’ team all ready and raring to go, during our on-location report

After making my returning debut, I then enjoyed a chilled stroll along the beach (one of my favourite, scenic places). It was lovely and warm and so busy – after all, it is the summer holidays I guess. The sounds of laughter filled the air as people around me appeared to be having ‘a whale of a time’. It was a great atmosphere. And whilst there, I also enjoyed a refreshing salad purchased from Morrison’s – YUM!

Secondly, I spent my next day off having lots of fun in Lightwater Valley (a theme park situated in the heart of North Yorkshire). I headed here for a fun filled day out with my best friend by my side. Hitting the A19 for just over an hour, we arrived at Lightwater Valley early afternoon and we were welcomed by the smell of mouth-watering, juicy chips cooking away. It cost just £24 to get in and that allows you to enjoy all rides.

The first ride in sight were the swings which travelled higher than expected, in a circular motion.

Next up we took a nice gentle ride on ‘Wild River Rapids‘. If you’re up for getting a little splashed, then this is definitely the ride for you. Sat opposite one another, we gripped the wheel in front of us and laughed as the choppy water slid our ‘dingy’ around a gentle track with a slight drop. As the water splashed out at us a little, it was a perfect way to cool down in the blaring heat.

Wild River Rapids: Having fun on the water slide

Wild River Rapids: Having fun on the water slide

Queuing for just under an hour, next up was ‘Raptor Attack‘ (the best ride of the day). Walking cautiously underground, like scattered rats, the sound of dripping water filled my ears. Then we eventually approached the carts. Seated and ready to go, the ride took off and we entered in to pitch black surroundings – I could not even see my own hand in front of me. It was a scary yet extremely fun journey and as we stepped off after, Yargs said the funniest thing: “Oh my God, I thought I was going to die” – HAHA – dramatic!

Pitch black and scary views down under, ready to explore 'Raptor's Attack'

Pitch black and scary views down under, ready to explore ‘Raptor’s Attack’

Whilst queuing for the previous adventure, a scary, sickly looking ride attracted our attention – Whirlwind. We decided to give it a go and get our money’s worth, but as soon as I took my seat, I immediately regretted my decision! For the duration of the ride, I was swirled back and forth with my eyes tightly shut as I gripped on for dear life. It was an awful choice and I immediately felt sick after – not my cup of tea at all.

After a few laid back rides after this, we finished off the day by testing Lightwater Valley’s famous rollercoaster – The Ultimate – a very jerky and vicious ride.

Overall, my second day off was filled with lots of fun, fear (screams) and laughs.

Finally, my third day consisted of some much needed family time (and once again my best friend was there too). Around lunch time I headed to my parents caravan for the day. There at the time of arrival were: my Mum, Dad, Sister and her boyfriend, my Nanna, my Auntie and three members of our family currently visiting, all of the way from Australia. Around 11 or 12 years ago they decided to pack up and move over to Australia as a way of gaining a new experience, so after so many years, it was great to finally get to see them again.

Whilst soaking up the sun, we all chilled outside, on a lounger, at the caravan and chatted away for hours. We also enjoyed the scrumptious tastes of my Dad’s BBQ, as well as a nice leisurely stroll down the river, a nice relaxing drive up to the Moors, (the views up there are incredible), and we also enjoyed playing some ball games on the grass (including: Badminton and Frisbee).

Myself, Yargs, my sister and her boyfriend (Ellis), all enjoying the lovely scenic views of the Moors

Myself, Yargs, my sister and her boyfriend (Ellis), all enjoying the lovely scenic views of the Moors

It was a great, family fun filled day which was surrounded with sheer love and laughter. Upon saying goodbye to my Australian half, at the end of the day, I suddenly felt slightly emotional – they were individually such lovely souls and it was great to see them all looking so well after a very long time. And only time will tell, when our paths are due to cross again.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off work – but it always feels so depressing hitting back to reality afterwards, doesn’t it!?