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I AM currently on route to my caravan (well when I say mine, I mean my parents he he), for a nice family fun day out, with my best friend also by my side.

Currently in the UK are four members of my family, who moved to Australia around 10 years ago – I haven’t seen them since – so today, they are heading to our caravan (exciting).

Quite a few members of my family are due to show up today, as well as my sister and my parents of course.

The sun is shining brightly and the heat is beaming down, right upon us, so I am certain it’s gonna be an extra fun day.

The day will consist of a lot of chilling outside, chatting away to each other as well as maybe enjoying the odd outdoor game & a relaxing walk down the river (maybe we’ll get our feet a little wet too). As well as chilling, my dad is also preparing a BBQ (yummy) – I’m extra excited for the strong, scrumptious tastes of BBQ chicken. The smell of BBQ’s is also so amazing and summery.

So with my sunglasses at the ready, I am excited for what this day holds.