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EVER since I was a little girl, (alright I maybe still quite little – height wise – but you know what I mean – younger), I have dreamed of visiting certain places in the world and seeing some of our life’s greatest, most iconic views.

I am guessing that everyone dreams of visiting at least one particular place, am I right?

Yep, I thought so.

One day I am hoping to gain the experience of visiting at least one of my dream places.

And I bet you’re all dying to know my top five places…

  1. New York City (Top of the list by a mile) – I wish to one day be able to rome the streets of the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.
  2. Las Vegas – I would love to take a picture by the Bellagio Fountains and feel the fresh spray of Las Vegas air.
  3. Sydney Australia – I want to breathe in the soft, fresh air from Sydney Harbour.
  4. Lake Garda (Italy) – A place where picturesque views will be no doubt be made reality.
  5. Afghanistan – I hope to one day experience the childhood and lifestyle of my closest peep.

In regards to dreaming about these places, I am hoping for them to one day become reality – I want to live my dreams.

So guys, why not enlighten me and let me in to your secret… Share your top five dream places to visit below…