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AFTER a long time, today I returned to Southside Broadcasting as a co-presenter.

Waking up bright and early to the soft sound of birds tweeting and the dazzle of the sunshine beaming down, I got myself up and ready and then hit the road down to Middlesbrough.

This was a strange journey, which allowed memories of my time at University to come flooding back to me. Stepping in to Boro for the first time since I graduated in November, last year, not a single thing had changed!

Then I arrived at James Cook University Hospital and was welcomed by a warm hug from Alex (Southside’s Programme Controller and Station Manager), as I entered the Southside Broadcasting studio – I was so happy to be back doing something I love!

Today, I was down there for an on-location report. So firstly me and Alex stepped in the car and headed towards Middlesbrough town centre.

Firstly, we grabbed a nice refreshing, hot white tea and had a much needed catch up – it was great to be back. Alex filled me in on his latest shows and reports, as well as his new gained opportunity down at the University of Lincoln. Then I returned the gesture and told him all about my new job, as well as enlightening him with the news that I’m doing my driving lessons, again.

We caught up for about half an hour before heading to Middlesbrough’s well known ‘For Goodness Sake – Health Store’. (Check out – www.forgoodnesssake.co.uk). Here, I was greeted to writer Jennie Finch, after a long time – we each shared a welcoming hug. Then I was greeted with the workers inside of this healthy, appealing store – each were extremely lovely and friendly.

Middlesbrough Health Store: The place for our on-location report, earlier today

Middlesbrough Health Store: The place where our on-location report took place, earlier today

Here, myself, Alex and Jennie took part in an on-location report questioning one of the workers on the shop itself, the products, the business and the world of health itself.

Here I learnt that this had been a family business since 1971 and it has been successfully running ever since.

With a variety of neatly selected products, this store is the perfect step to gaining a healthy lifestyle. I was amazed at what it had to offer.

Alex himself asked the worker a series of questions and also allowed myself and Jennie to get involved, like he always does. I was able to share my points about the store and give a few hints in to the lifestyle which I lead.

A place full of healthy goods and products

A place full of healthy goods and products

This on-location report was as detailed as ever, it was great to catch up with the team but most importantly it was great to be back, doing something I thoroughly enjoy! So make sure you guys tune in to Southside Broadcasting’s podcast in order to discover our latest trip and also head over to their Facebook page to discover the latest snaps.

Myself, Jennie Finch and 'The For Goodness Sake' team all ready and raring to go, during our on-location report

Myself, Jennie Finch and ‘The For Goodness Sake’ team all ready and raring to go, during our on-location report