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I HAVE, lately, been keeping up to date with Brooke Vincent’s blog (Sophie from Corrie), via Reveal.

Feeling inspired, intrigued and interested, Vincent has kept me posted on her latest ‘shenanigans’ along with her take on particular fashion and beauty fixtures.

Browsing through Reveal website during my break at work, in order to update myself on the latest celeb gossip, I came across a stylish link focusing on the style of Vincent herself – I was amazed to see such a beautiful outfit! At this point I was then drawn to her blog; therefore, I decided to have a good old browse.

Her style appears to be poised and on point enabling her blogs to focus on a range of different features.

Brooke comes across in a positive way and she offers some truly interesting fashion features too.

A bit like mine, her blog focuses on a variety of different elements alike mine; therefore, it definitely inspires me and allows me to burst with new ideas.

Fancy having a browse yourself? Head over to her page right now.