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EACH month I am set with a challenging task at work – complete an online test which focuses on relative features about car insurance.

July’s test was a massive struggle for me as I failed it twice – this was so frustrating!

The questions were competitive and worded in a challenging manner.

All I needed to do was pass this test.

Upon reviewing the news that I had failed twice my mood sank to the ground, as a result. I was feeling so unhappy with myself and as a result you get that one doubtful feeling – “how am I keep failing when other people around me have managed to pass first time?”

Have you ever felt that feeling?

It is so awful!

So today when I headed to work for a usual quiet Sunday shift, I was welcomed to the dreaded email – ‘test resit’. Oh no, I thought! I was dreading it. Those usual nerve racking emotions began to strike through my body – the heart racing, the casual sweats and the shakes.

Repeatedly I told myself to calm down.

As I opened the test a few familiar questions caught my eye which I instantly knew the answer to (that was a relief). As I flicked through, I read each question in depth and considered the answers widely due to research.

As I powered through some of the questions, once completed I got someone over to check through the options with me. Once it was finalised, I slowly dragged my mouse over to the ‘SUBMIT’ option, I was so scared. But eventually, I pulled myself round to doing it… AHHH…


Oh my, I was so happy!

Lately I feel so much pressure when sitting exams but I used to handle them a lot better and calmly during education… how strange!

But anyway passing today was such a relief… PHEW!

… And relax!