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I AM definitely a lover for eating out with my closest peeps or even just buying a ‘snack’ and enjoying the taste of it in front of a lovely view.

So, here I am going to share my top five, favourite places to eat, which most importantly all offer take out service too… Enjoy!

1. Subway (top of the list)

I am a big fan of tasty, filled sandwiches so without a shadow of a doubt, Subway is my sandwich heaven. My favourite sub is a 6″ herbs and cheese roll stuffed with chicken tikka – cold of course, not much of a fan once it’s toasted, I then add cheese (it has to be plain though, as I am not much of a spicy food lover), followed by some refreshingly chilled salad – lettuce and cucumber (I love the sound of healthy goodness crunching between my teeth) and finalising my sandwich I like it to be all smothered in mayonnaise – YUM! The taste is fulfilling.

2. Ling Sun Chinese

Every so often I like to treat myself to a nice Chinese takeaway and nothing beats the simplicity of a boxed, all in one curry sauce, egg-fried rice and chips – the taste is unreal and leaves you feeling full for hours to come.

3. Morrisons

Shying away from all of the fatty food, for now, I sometimes like to enjoy a nice salad box from Morrisons. On the self service counter I choose my size carton – small, medium or large and then fill it to the brim with my choice of chilled, refreshing salad and also cold, mouth watering pastas. The selection of tastes mixed together taste scrumptious. Usually my salad box consists of… lettuce, cucumber, cheese, diced peppers, potato salad, tomato and herb pasta, spicy chicken pasta (not too spicy at all which is a bonus) and then to top it off, I drizzle crispy onions all over (crunch crunch).

4. Marina Vista

Moving on from the money saving, mouth watering tastes, for a moment, I sometimes head to Marina Vista and take out a fully cooked top Italian meal and enjoy the tastes whilst chilling down Roker sea front. This definitely steps up to the mark and makes my money well worth spending.

5. Domino’s

Lastly, I am going to finish off my list with a good old pizza – a traditional thin and crispy margarita bought from Domino’s. I love the taste of their pizzas and in order to add an even tastier effect to this, I love when it’s dripping in garlic and herb sauce.

Right now, my mouth is watering as a result of thinking about all of these flavours, tastes and textures… So, I guess I best start choosing which one I want… What! – I may as well treat myself, he he!

And I think I’ll go for a good old pizza.