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NOW that the summer holidays have finally approached once again, I bet all of you mum’s are sitting at home thinking… “How am I going to keep my kids busy?”

Well fear no more because I have the perfect plan to fill your next adventure.

Do you enjoy the great outdoors?

If so, next time you wake up to clear blue skies and bright sunshine, why not head out on a road trip to Wolsingham for the day – there’s plenty to do and trust me, it will definitely be worth it!

Wolsingham is a beautiful little village filled with lots of things to do, guaranteed you will save money.

To start off the day you can take a lovely, leisurely stroll around Tunstall Reservoir – a beautifully relaxing view. I am sure the kids will also love it as they can explore through the muddy paths and bushy trees.

Tunstall Reservoir: A beautifully relaxing view

Tunstall Reservoir: A beautifully relaxing view

The walk around Tunstall Reservoir usually takes around forty-five minutes to one hour, altogether.

So next, it will no doubt be time for a spot of lunch so you have three choices…

  1. A picnic

– On approaching the end of your walk around Tunstall Reservoir, you will be greeted by a collection of picnic benches. Here you can enjoy your very own homemade bate whilst gazing at the scenery, and you can even share a bite with the ducks which surround.

  1. Italian Restaurant

– In the heart of Wolsingham sits a very tasty Italian Restaurant called Buon Appetito. Don’t worry it isn’t as expensive as it sounds… guess why… because they have ‘happy hour’. Between the hours of 12pm – 2pm and 5pm – 7pm, Monday to Friday and from 12pm – 5pm on a Saturday this restaurant serves pizza and pasta for only £4.95 – bonus! Everyone loves a good bargain for delicious food.

  1. Peggotty’s

– A reasonably priced restaurant/bakery. Peggotty’s serves special homemade food including children’s meals, pastries and cakes (the best cakes in the village).

After a spot of lunch, you can then let the kids run wild in the play park – give yourself time to relax and unwind. Laughter fills the air in the park as children enjoy the freedom of running around having fun.

But if they’re a little old for the play park, make sure you take along some of your own games – a football, a bat and ball, or even a frisbee (whatever you fancy), because just next to the park is a large freshly cut field suitable for any family, fun-filled games.

Feeling exhausted yet?

If so, then you can then end your day with a nice refreshing ice cream cone smothered in any topping you want – from sherbet to chocolate and nuts – the choice is yours. I then usually top mine off with dripping monkey’s blood and a crumby chocolate flake – the taste is unreal!

A refreshing way to end the day

A refreshing way to end the day

After visiting Wolsingham on many occasions myself, I would definitely recommend it for you this summer, guaranteed that you and your kids love the outdoors.