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ON Wednesday morning I attended a meeting with a marketing company situated in the heart of Seaham Business Park – Redu.

Here, I was challenged and questioned about my skills, my interests, my studies and more… All in a hope to receive some valuable work experience within a succeeding media related business.

The panel of individuals awaiting my presence were all very welcoming and friendly towards me – I instantly felt a positive atmosphere.

Questioning me, they laughed and joked along with me making me feel all warm & happy inside.

As a result of this fairly short meeting, by the end I was granted a task – create a blog in relation to something which could help young mums to save money. I was advised to research and read upon a particular blog in order to allow ideas to spark through my mind – www.ashleighmoneysaver.co.uk – check it out, it’s most definitely worth a read!!

Fingers crossed that my first blog towards the company goes well, in return they will offer me the chance to become a guest blogger within their company – how exciting! Every so often they are hoping to provide me with a topic which I then have to go andย research and initially write a blog on it!

Their blog is currently home to around 300,000 followers; therefore no doubt this would help me out massively – get my work ability out there to many people, to view, and hopefully this will also help attract more attention to my blog too.

So wish me luck for my first, official blog guys!