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HAVE you ever felt the passion to try something new and adventurous?

… Something different, something daring and something fun?

If so, you will understand the urge I am feeling right now.

Ever since I was around seventeen years old, I have always had a dream of one day taking part in a bungee jump experience… How amazing would that be!

As crazy as it sounds I do actually have a fear of heights… I know, I must be mental, right!?

But I just wanna conquer that fear and feel the affect of free fall… AH! I also have that urge of wanting to try something very new, something I have never ever done before.

When I was around seventeen years old, I headed out to Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge in order to watch a group of my college friends bungee jump, in an organised fundraising event. One of my friends sadly lost her Mum at a very young age due to an alcohol addiction. Therefore, she set out on a mission in order to raise money for an ‘Alcohol Awareness‘ charity.

Determined and motivated she gathered a small group of people together and set out on a new adventure.

At the time I was too afraid to take part, ha, but now it is a massive regret. After all, those chances don’t come around very often.

Feeling this urge grow inside of me more and more every day is not only making me feel determined but it is also inspiring me to one day, very soon, face up to my fears and jump freely… now not only to feel the breath taking affect of free fall but also, imagine those views you’d see from above.

Now, that I have made all of you guys aware of something I would love to do one day (one of my life’s dreams and ambitions), why not share yours and tell me something you would love to do… by jotting it down in the comments below…