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USUALLY I am not a one for posting beauty related posts (as most of you will probably already know). But lately, I have been viewing a collection of individual blogs and a large majority of them are based on the world of beauty.

Therefore, I am going to try something new and explore new ideas… Enjoy!

For quite a while, I previously suffered from sore chapped lips, all year round, but especially during the winter months. But that problem was soon to be solved when I purchased a ‘miracle worker’ – ‘Aloe Vera Vaseline‘. Digging deep in to my bag I am able to pull out my small, green tin of Vaseline which instantly allows my lips to feel softened and refreshed, at any time. After applying, a nice, healthy shine also dazzles clearly.

This is ultimately the best solution for chapped lips, all year round!

Now not only am I a keen lover of that particular product, but I am also a huge fan and highly recommend the use of ‘Nivea‘ cream – suitable for ‘dry and sensitive skin’. Applying this product daily (usually on a morning) allows my whole face to glow and beam with freshness. After washing my face down thoroughly and then drying it completely, I finish off by dolloping dots of my cream all over my face. I then gently sooth it in to my pores, rubbing my hands around in gentle circles.

After a little bit of time, once the cream has soothed deeply in, my face then begins to feel completely soft.

Now, that is not the only reason why I like this particular product because secondly, the smell of it is absolutely unreal! Do you know that strong smell of sun cream lotion which you experience whilst lying on the sandy beach, in the beaming sunshine, on holiday… well that’s exactly what this cream smells like. Therefore, each time I apply it to my face, I smell that exotic smell and I love it!

Overall, I would highly recommend both of these to anyone out there!

Go on, give it a go!

Nivea and Vaseline: My very own 'miracle worker'

Nivea and Vaseline: My very own ‘miracle worker’