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I VERY recently turned twenty-two years old and ever since I was a young girl, I have had one single dream – go on a trip to New York City.

Without a doubt this particular city seems to be where dreams are made.

Only in my dreams, when I sleep at night or find myself gazing in to thin air do I see myself roaming the busy, hectic streets of NYC.

One day I would love to experience the soft breeze of American air, feel the faint soft touch of Americans brushing past me as they pass in the busy streets, hear the sound of cars screeching and car horns blasting, view some of America’s most iconic landmarks, feel dazzled by designer brands and labels, hear the sound of sirens racing against time to save people and also feel more and more stunned after every foot step which I take.

Ideally I would like to view NYC’s most iconic places, including: The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square – what amazing pictures and memories these would create!

Filled with hopes and dreams, my body is craving this adventure – I really want to embark on a new walk of life and enter in to… the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.