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LAST Monday evening I enjoyed the incredible taste of Italian food.

Myself, Yargs and another two friends of ours – Matt and Courtney – headed out in style to a lovely restaurant I didn’t even know existed.

Situated on the very edge of an estate, in the heart of Seaburn, stood a newly furbished restaurant called ‘Bellini’s‘.

Inside, the restaurant was extremely busy with each and every table filled with smiles and laughter – it was a lovely environment despite the painting of two very large, creepy looking hands situated on the ceiling just above me, ha!

Gazing deeply in to the menu, I found myself debating between various dishes – I couldn’t decide between pizza or pasta. But only up until the point where Yargs spotted the category ‘chicken’ – I am a huge lover of chicken.

After a long and hard decision, I finally chose a dish. I patiently waited for my meal to be served – my stomach began to growl impatiently as hunger filled my body, slowly and gradually.

Finally my meal arrived (on two plates must I add). First, my plate filled with a char-grilled chicken breast arrived – it was drowning in a sweet, tomato puree style sauce and swamped in large slices of fresh cut red peppers and fine, thin pieces of mushrooms – the smell was unreal.

The second dish was a plate of well cooked, crispy, homemade style chips – it looked delicious and I could not wait to tuck in and get stuck in.

The main tasted exactly how it looked – delicious.

I washed my meal down with a lovely ice cold glass of pineapple juice – a very refreshing and soothing, healthy taste.

Following on from this unreal main, there was still room for dessert (of course). As soon as I took a look at the dessert menu, my eyes were immediately drawn to my favourite choice – ‘sticky toffee pudding’ (YUM).

This was a moist slice covered in a fine chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles (the taste was warm and juicy). Dolloped on the top was a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream as a result of being compressed against the warm, toffee heat. Placed deeply in to the top of the ice cream was a few small, refreshing, juicy and sweet seeded strawberries.

Gazing gobsmacked in to this dessert, one word sprung to my mind – “heaven”. The taste of the entire meal was truly mouth-watering.

It was a beautiful restaurant served with delicious food and I am so thankful for a lovely, early birthday treat… yummy!

Mouth-watering dessert: Sticky toffee pudding

Mouth-watering dessert: Sticky toffee pudding