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OH I am feeling on top of the world and completely over the moon!

Last week, I successfully passed my driving theory test second time round (woo)!

I was left feeling completely overwhelmed… and still am, even though it’s a week on.

As the approach to my test was slowly creeping in, my mood was rising up and then slowly drifting down. My emotions were everywhere as the pressure was undoubtedly kicking in – all I wanted was to get this particular test passed.

Heading in to town bright and early enabled my emotions to kick in uncontrollably – I was so nervous! My hands were sweating and shaking and my heart was pumping right out of my chest… as you can see, I don’t tend to deal with my nerves too well, he he!

Anyway I eventually took my seat within the test centre and began to answer the multiple choice – to me this particular set of questions appeared to be slightly harder than the ones I sat first time round… “OH NO!” My mind was going crazy as I found myself debating between two specific answers on a selection of the questions. On the other hand, I found the hazard perception test slightly easier than first time round.

Once I came to the end of the test I collected my belongings along with my results. AH… I was so scared! I slowly opened up my results and took a sneak peak at the results. The first word which caught my eye was “Congratulations”. My body beamed with happiness and excitement and the largest smile swooped across my face – I was unbelievably happy.

I didn’t even look in to the rest of the certification, all I knew was that I had successfully passed and I was so happy.

I immediately shared my news with my closest loved ones and each of them congratulated me with pride and happiness.

All I can say is that I certainly enjoyed a double celebration, last weekend, with Yargs – my birthday and the fact that I had just passed my theory test… WOO!