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OH WOW you guys will not believe what happened earlier this morning!!

Well me & Yargs are spending the weekend at my parents caravan in order to gain a nice, chilled weekend away together but this morning that all changed when Yargs decided to prank me.

After watching YouTube clips from well-known vloggers- Jesse & Jeana, Yargs has been collecting a pack of ideas within his mind in order to carry out some pranks on me & this morning, he succeeded in doing just that.

Casually putting on my eye make up, after a nice warm shower, Yargs called my name and stated ‘LiLi come here’. As a result I sprung to his attention, came walking out of my bedroom door to *BAAAM* be welcomed by a handful of shaving foam in my face.

My body heated up with so many emotions – anger, laughter, humour & fury he he!!

What a shot!

I could not believe he actually went ahead and did it. The affect made me sniff shaving foam right up my nose forcing me to struggle to breathe. Although my body filled with anger, I also found it very funny.

So after another wash down, I finally pulled myself together & got ready.

All that’s left for me to do is getting thinking of new ideas in order to gain my very own revenge on Yargs… Like they say: “Payback is a b***h” he he!!