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I AM feeling quite excited lately, not only am I looking forward to a day off from work tomorrow (because I am feeling extremely tired), and not only am I looking forward to spending a weekend away at the caravan with my Yargs in two days time, but I am also looking forward to my birthday which is next weekend (a week on Saturday), WOO!

Yep, next Saturday I will be celebrating my 22nd birthday.

At the moment I have no definite plans as to what I’m gonna get up to, but what I do have is basic ideas and the true fact that I am indeed working throughout the day, from 9am until 5pm… BOO!

Although this is a bit of a shame, I am not going to let this get me down, oh no!

My first plan of action is going to take place next Wednesday when I meet up with one of my best friends, Carolanne. I haven’t seen her in absolute weeks, it has definitely been way too long; therefore, we will definitely have so much to gossip about and catch up on! We are both thinking about heading to Newcastle for the day- start the day with a nice meal (probably in an Italian restaurant somewhere as I am totally obsessed with pizza), then followed by an all round trip through Eldon Square to do a bit of girly shopping and finally we will without a doubt end the day by heading to a bar in order to drown ourselves in scrumptious cocktails and shots (we will probably head to Revolution – also known as Revs – as this is our favourite place, he he, because they sell the best ice cream shots ever…MMM).

Following on from this, it will then be my birthday and plans for my birthday =

  • Unfortunately, I have work for the vast majority of it, but once I am finished from work for the day, I am hoping to go out for a lovely family meal along with Yargs too.
  • Afterwards, me and Yargs may also plan a little trip in to town in order to enjoy a birthday drink.

And then, a few days after my birthday I have a scheduled day off which I am happy about. Here, me and Yargs are thinking about heading to either Leeds or York for the day (become a tourist for the day). This day trip will enable us to view some new attractions, do a spot of shopping, enjoy some nice food in a new place with nice scenic views and quite possibly have a chilled moment in a pub somewhere where we can enjoy a nice, cold, refreshing pint (I’m just kidding, I would never drink a pint – EW – but I may enjoy a cheeky cocktail instead).

So guys, if you had to choose between the two, where would you decide to go? Leeds or York! I need your help as I absolutely love both of them!