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AH it feels so good to have a day off work today! After working so hard all week, indoors whilst the sun has been brightly shining, I must admit that I am happy to be sat lazing around today, as I feel like I definitely needed it!

As much as I am enjoying my job, within Fusion call centre, it does feel nice to have a break once in a while, doesn’t it?

Well the sun is shining and the weather is very warm today so I feel even happier.

I have spent most of my day chilling at home, watching films and eating lots of fatty food (oops, he he).

But don’t worry, I also did enjoy the sun a little earlier, when I took a nice stroll in to town in order to purchase a Father’s Day gift for my Dad. Yep, that’s right, I enjoyed a nice walk in to town which consisted of me cutting through my nearest park which looked like it had recently been cut down to perfection with the smell of beautifully coloured flowers blooming around me. The sound of birds tweeting also surrounded my ears – it was lovely!

But now that I am back home from town, I am now casually sat watching a movie which most of you will probably know… ‘The Fault in our Stars‘ – the film is so emotional and already, tears have been streaming down my blushered cheek bones, whilst waiting for my Yargs to finish work.

Later on this evening, we are both heading to the cinema together to watch the new Jurassic Park movie – I am very excited as quite a few of my friends have already told me, it is awesome!!

Have any of you guys been to see it yet?

If so, why not share your thoughts and opinions of the movie to me, I would be happy to know…

Enjoy your evening guys!!