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I BET with this particular post I am about to write, I can quite easily relate to a large number of my viewer’s out there right now, because if you have failed an exam, in the past, by only one single mark, then I know you will very easily understand my frustration right now.


Well, on Saturday morning I headed in to Sunderland to sit my driving theory test, for the first time, and unfortunately I missed out on a pass by just one single mark (how annoying)!

Before the test I woke up feeling extremely nervous! After all I haven’t sat in exam conditions for over a year now so this felt pretty scary.

Heading in to town I ran over theory questions in my mind – over and over again – until I finally reached the test centre.

After running through test procedures, I was finally seated at my computer – I read through terms and conditions before proceeding to the test – multiple choice questions first before then sitting intensely through the hazard perception.

After studying ‘The official DVSA theory test for car drivers‘ repeatedly for the past week, I was half expecting to pass this part of the theory but unfortunately, I missed out by just a tiny little mistake, but managed to somehow pass the hazard perception (I was in shock – I at least expected it to be the other way around).

Revision is under-way as I am hoping to pass my driving theory test very soon!

Revision is under-way as I am hoping to pass my driving theory test very soon!

As I answered a selection of multiple choice confidently, I struggled with just a small minority of them as I found myself debating between two particular answers – this enabled frustration to build up within side of me.

During the duration of the second part of the test, I found myself continuously clicking throughout the hazard perception as I panicked at the thought of missing anything out.

Therefore, I felt confident during the first half but slightly less confident during the second half… but I guess my thoughts and predicaments were all wrong, ha ha!

I am not gonna’ lie and hide the fact that I was absolutely gutted on reading the news that I had failed… BOO!

Don’t you think that failing by one single mark is worse than failing massively… Well, I certainly do!

All I can now imagine is… ‘If only I had changed the answer around on one single question, I might have had a chance’.

But anyway, enough of me feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on the fact that I didn’t pass… I guess I just have to pick myself up and revise, revise, revise from now on.

After all, I have already booked in for my second attempt and this is coming up very soon… Wish me luck guys!