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LOVE is most definitely on the cards for me next week guys, as I am going to be heading down to London, in order to celebrate my Yargs’ brother’s wedding.

I am feeling unbelievably excited about this, at the moment…

For one, it will be mine and Yargs first little trip away together.

Secondly, I am heading to London which is one of my favourite cities.

And thirdly, I am going to be a part of a couple’s very special day where their hands will join in marriage, in order to celebrate their love for each other!

But this wedding isn’t just expected to be my traditional English style wedding, oh no, it is going to have an Afghan twist to it which I am super ecstatic about!

This will give me so much to blog about, he he!

So yesterday, I headed out to the Metro Centre in order to get myself prepared and find an appropriate dress for this occasion. Finally, after hours of stressful shopping and raking rail after rail, I finally found the perfect outfit.

The dress I purchased in the end was a gorgeous, satin, navy blue style from House of Fraser (it was also a bargain – 30% off, woo).

Would you like to see it?


Oh go on then…

After hours filled of stressful shopping, I finally found the 'perfect' dress!

After hours filled of stressful shopping, I finally found the ‘perfect’ dress!

I love how the centre wraps tightly, but also comfortably around my hips and how it hangs just below my knee – this is exactly what I was looking for.

So guys, all that is left for me to say is make sure you all keep posted next week in order to discover more gossip on the wedding itself!