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EXACTLY a week ago from today I embarked on an amazing experience with my Yargs – we went on a helicopter ride for the first time in my life!

After months of awaiting dry weather, Yargs finally received a call to say our helicopter ride would be going ahead, with Northumbria Helicopter.

On receiving the news, myself and Yargs beamed with excitement!

So last Sunday, the day of this new adventure eventually came to life.

It was about 1 pm in the afternoon and the sun was beaming brightly down on us. We headed towards Sunderland train station in order to step on to the metro, which took us right through to Newcastle airport. On the way, we blasted music through our sharing ear piece, in order to get us extra pumped up and excited ready to endure the new adventure.

We arrived at Newcastle airport slightly earlier than we expected so we awaited patiently and grabbed a little snack to eat in the mean time.

Whilst snacking, we gazed jealously at everyone about to be travelling abroad, on holiday – suitcases at the ready, flip flops flopping back and forth and sunglasses placed on their heads.

But that slight jealously did not rectify my excitement.

Finally after an hour of waiting around, our time for the helicopter ride eventually came… WOO!

Myself and Yargs got guided on to the helicopter and Yargs kindly let me take the front seat right next to the pilot – a huge smile swooped across my face, at this point I was uncontrollably excited.

I got handed the largest pair of head phones I had ever seen in my whole life, by the pilot and I was advised to wear them immediately. As I placed them on my head, I turned around and saw Yargs’ teeny weeny head squeezed in between of the large head piece (cute)!

Throughout the journey, the three of us were able to engage with each other through the head set.

Once the engine was pumped up and safety warnings had been assessed, the helicopter finally began to move… AHH!

On take off, I automatically shouted ‘OH EM GEE’ as the thought of heights usually scares me, so as a result the pilot turned the helicopter around, aggressively, towards my side in order to make me feel as if I was about to fall out of the window (in a jokey way of course).

The feeling of flying felt surreal and totally refreshing!

When taking off, we travelled at about 80MPH and as we travelled further up in to the skies, the speed gradually increased!

Up in the heavens felt amazing, we could see for miles! I was able to see: Sunderland Stadium of Light, St. Mary’s Island, the Pennines, the Yorkshire Moors and Newcastle City Centre. I honestly felt like a bird up in the sky looking down on the world in which I live. It was a truly breath taking moment.

We travelled around up in the air for about ten minutes – the helicopter swirled elegantly around in one huge circle which made me feel like I was on top of the world!

I must admit that this was the best experience I have ever endured in my life and I am more than grateful for Yargs to treat me in such a special way.

This day will most definitely be a one which I am going to remember forever!

Northumbria Helicopter ride: A truly unforgettable experience

Northumbria Helicopter ride: A truly unforgettable experience