HEY guys, can you believe I haven’t updated my blog since April the 11th!! I have been extremely busy lately, but now, I am back in action and ready to catch up on some much needed blogging.

As a few of you may already know, a few weeks ago, I was unemployed for one and a half weeks and wow this was the most stressful, daunting and frustrating week of my life… Now that’s minus the exaggeration. Believe me, it was an awful experience!! All I wanted was a job, which enabled me to get up in the mornings and have something to go out for. Alongside this, I was desperate to go out and earn my own living, aside from having that worry of sponging off my parents and even more embarrassing, my boyfriend!

Anyway, all is going good at the moment as I am completing a three month temporary course at a local call centre, with the hope of gaining permanent work by the end.

I am placed in a group of 11 very lovely individuals. Now, although the job is hard work and a lot to take in, I just feel so glad and privileged right now to actually be back in working life again… WOOO!!

So excuse me for having a massive gap in my blogging, but I am keen to undergo a lot of blogging from now, so make sure you guys all keep updated within these upcoming weeks… 🙂