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This morning I woke up to my favourite chocolates ever placed right next to my bedside – Ferrero Rocher.

Ferrero Rocher: By far the best chocolates ever, in my opinion!

Ferrero Rocher: By far the best chocolates ever, in my opinion!

They are a scrumptious nutty chocolate ball with smooth, mouth-watering chocolate in the centre… YUMMY! Even just the thought of them makes me want to eat the entire box, he he! Believe me, I could easily do just that.

So what chocolate eggs did you guys wake up to this morning and how are you planning on spending the day?

Well for me, considering it is a gorgeous, sunny day outside, I am hitting the beach later on this afternoon with my Yargs.

We have a plan to take a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon walk down towards the beach in order to gain a nice breath of fresh air. After all, I bet the beach is a lovely view this afternoon whilst the sun is beaming down so brightly.

But as most of you may already know, today is not just about Easter, OH NO… Because it is also Derby Day – Sunderland vs. Newcastle.

Kick off today is at 4pm which gives people plenty of time to hit the town beforehand to get drunk, don’t you think! Therefore, this battle is bound to be full of trouble, hence why I am avoiding the town, ha.

I guess all we can hope for is that the red and white army come out best!

Enjoy your day guys!!