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WOW what a day this has been…

I have not sat on my backside, staring at a laptop screen, for so many hours, in one whole day, in my whole entire life!!

Yep, that’s right… my day has consisted of doing exactly that and believe me, I am fed up.

I am the type of person who likes to be up and about, going out places and exploring new adventures, but right now I have no choice.

As most of you may probably already know, I quit my brand new job within the Marketing industry earlier on this week so I am now currently unemployed and it is an awful feeling!

For the last three days, a variety of different thoughts and emotions have been sparking through my mind which have enabled me to feel quite down!

I am craving a new challenge, a new job and a brand new adventure which will allow me to develop a of range of new, interesting skills. After all, I strongly believe that I have a passion for learning!

So today, I have spent the beginning of my weekend, applying for a countless number of jobs. The jobs I have applied for varied from lots of different ones, including: Admin, Reception, Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Retail, Social Media and more… This simplifies just how desperate I am for finding a job, RIGHT NOW!

But, I guess the more I apply for, the more hope I am going to have, right!?

So, I guess this is just the beginning of a very bumpy roller coaster ride but guess what, I am prepared and ready for this because I am so eager to find a job right now!