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EARLIER on today, I hit the shops to do a spot of shopping.

After all it is pay day, so why not!

I got myself up bright and early – the sun was shining brightly through my bedroom curtains, which brought a nice, summery feel to the day.

I headed down to the shops first thing in order to purchase some brand new, formal clothing items ready for my new job, which I start on Monday – so exciting!

The task of purchasing some formal items appeared to be slightly harder than I first imagined – I just couldn’t seem to find many things which took to my fancy. After all, I am not used to having to buy these type of clothes, for a job, because previously, I have always worked in surroundings which provide you with a uniform.

Therefore, I must admit, this shopping spree was a little difficult, which was a bit of a shame, but never mind! I have decided to hit the shops again at the weekend, with the help of my Yargs.

But don’t start to panic guys, because I did not come home completely empty handed.

Oh no…

I still managed to purchase two items, at least, which I absolutely love!

Firstly, I purchased a lovely pale blue shirt with white cuffs. Also striped right through the shirt was some faint, white lines, to make it more effective and detailed.

Then secondly, I also purchased a very smart, grey blazer with pulled in shoulder pads to give them a crinkly, effective look. The blazer was fastened with a large black button, which instantly stood out and took to my liking. Luckily enough, I managed to purchase this item in the sale. Yep, that’s right, it was reduced from £24.99 to just £10!

Both items were purchased from the popular, high-street store, H&M.

H&M Purchases: Which I have purchased for my brand new job!

H&M Purchases: Which I have purchased for my brand new job!


Pale blue shirt: The first item which I purchased, whilst out on my shopping spree, earlier today