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HAVE you guys ever heard of the term ‘vlog?’

If not, then basically all it means is: ‘Video blog‘.

Now recently, me and my Yargs have been watching a lot of different vlogs online, especially on sites such as: YouTube – this is most definitely the dominant site in which we view interesting vlogs.

A few weeks ago, Yargs introduced me to a YouTube couple who have been vlogging for many years now, initially making them known worldwide!

Now to me, this couple are a true video blogging phenomenon – they know the ins and outs of video blogging, and they are known as: Jesse and Jeana.

Their vlogs have individually received thousands of views, in total… WOW!

Lately, myself and Yargs have been keeping up to date with each of their vlogs and as a result, we have became truly inspired to begin to set up our very own vlog – this is going to be so exciting!

Myself and Yargs both have a good standard of knowledge about the media industry; therefore, we are aware of how to produce a video and also edit it, in order to make it look more professional.

So, the ideas which we have for our vlog stand as follows:

We are aiming to produce three different types of videos for our vlog – challenges, pranks and also videos on our life in general. The pranks will include hilarious footage of us carrying out pranks on one another, the challenges will include a heap of challenging activities which we are going to set up for ourselves and finally, videos on our life in general will provide inside footage in to days which we spend together.

In order to get this vlogging idea started, yesterday, we spent our day off work, in the bright sunshine beginning the journey to produce our own vlog.

I met up with Yargs around 12.30pm and we headed to our local park, with our video camera and also our tri-pod at the ready.

Firstly, we began to introduce our vlog for the very first time ever and my, was it a hard task!! HA HA! The shooting of this particular introduction piece took many attempts to perfect, as mistakes in our speech kept occurring. Now, although it was slightly frustrating, it was also very funny and we had lots of laughs together.

Then eventually, once the introduction piece was over and done with, we began to foresee our very first challenge – the reverse challenge.

The reverse challenge involved doing three different challenges backwards! As crazy as it sounds, it was a very funny challenge.

Initially, the idea came from Jesse and Jeana – when we watched their footage of their take on a reverse challenge, myself and Yargs were in a fit of laughter; therefore, we wanted to amuse each other and repeat the same style of task.

Firstly, we began with a reversed run, then followed by walking down the stairs in reverse, to then finally, stumbling over in reverse.

All in all, the day was extremely fun and it just goes to show that me and Yargs are going to have heaps of fun preparing stuff in order to make our vlog as interesting as ever!

So, make sure you guys stay tuned here, in order to discover the latest on our vlogging journey!

Me & Yargs: A couple aiming to set up their very own vlog, in order to inspire the nation!

Me & Yargs: A couple aiming to set up their very own vlog, in order to inspire the nation!