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YESTERDAY I had a lovely day off from work, catching up with two of my best friends – Ellie and Carolanne.

Lately, I have been extremely busy working and also preparing myself for my new job as well as revising for my driving theory test; therefore, I haven’t been able to find the time to socialise that often.

Therefore, when I had my only day off yesterday, after working 9 days straight, I was finally able to meet up with my girls and have a much needed catch up with each of them.

Firstly, I headed in to town to meet Ellie – one of my best friends who is currently living in Carlisle. We both greeted each other with a beaming smile and a little hug. Seeing Ellie always makes me very happy and excited, as we don’t get the chance to see each other that often. So yesterday, we certainly did have a lot of gossip to catch up on.

At first, we started the day off with a spot of much needed retail therapy – we raided the clothes racks, in many high street shops, in order to discover the latest summer goods and we also smelt the scent of countless different perfumes.

Afterwards, we headed to Costa Coffee. Here I got an unreal hot chocolate drink topped with whipped cream and marshmallows (YUM), along with a lovely melted cheese and ham toastie which was delicious!

As the afternoon gradually went on, I then began to head to Middlesbrough, by train, in order to meet up with Carolanne.

Now, taking a trip to Middlesbrough always makes memories of University flood back to me, in a good way though! Memories of good times spent with friends, unreal nights out and also the studying part which made me who I am today, always tend to crop in to my mind.

With Carolanne, we headed to one of our favourite places in the heart of Middlesbrough town centre – Lloyds (a Whetherspoons bar). Here we got a very cheap deal on food which was very nice. I got myself a lovely southern-fried chicken wrap along with chips and a huge garlic flat bread (I had no idea it was going to be as big as it was, he he, it was bigger than my plate)! But, all in all, it was a scrumptious meal which certainly filled me up.

After eating, we then purchased two pitchers (a Strawberry Daiquiri and also a Porn Star Martini). Both pitchers were relatively strong compared to normal and we were also given some fancy little glasses to drink them from.

This is a great way to spend time catching up with Carolanne, who I happened to meet on my very first day of University.

Overall, my day off work was very enjoyable – I definitely had lots of fun and also lots of laughs with my two favourite girls.

The day was also topped off nicely with finally going to see my Yargs for a little bit!

But now that my day off is over, it is now time to get back to reality and start getting myself ready for work, once again…