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HEY guys, how are you all doing? I know it has been a good few days now since I last posted on here, but I have been so busy lately and I’ve struggled massively to find a little time to myself.

But, I have some great news that I want to share with you guys right now!!

Would you like to know what that is?

Oh come on, I know you all do…

Well, last week I was congratulated and awarded with a new job! I am so excited right now and still the buzz has not yet gone!

Good Luck: I received a few lovely, thoughtful cards, from close relatives, in order to wish me luck in my new job!

Good Luck: I received a few lovely, thoughtful cards, from close relatives, in order to wish me luck in my new job!

About a week and a half ago, I attended a formal job interview with a Marketing company, in the heart of Newcastle City Centre.

The interview was a very nerve racking process which made my body shake with fear – I hate interviews as they always seem to scare me way too much!

I was asked a number of questions throughout the interview and also got told a little about the company itself. Questions which I was asked included:

  • Why did I apply for this position?
  • What do I know about the company?
  • Where do I see myself in 5 years time?
  • What are my strengths and my weaknesses? …

The interview itself lasted only around 10 minutes, in total – reasonably short! When it officially came to an end, I was told to keep my phone handy as they were due to distribute comments and feedback on each individual’s interview, a little later that evening.

I awaited very patiently for a phone call, praying only that it would be good news.

Then about an hour and a half after my interview (the first stage), my phone began to buzz in my hand, the number was unrecognizable, which made me realise at this point, it was my interviewee calling me! AHH I was so scared to pick up…

Anyway, it was great news!! The guy who interviewed me was very happy with the several ways in which I approached the interview and he offered me to attend an entire training day working with the company the following week – this would allow me to create a better insight in to the job and also get a deep feeling of what it would be like to work for this particular company on a more permanent basis.

I was so thrilled and over the moon – I could not believe that I managed to get to the second stage!

So the following week arrived… I woke up bright and early – it was ย a lovely, bright, sunny day which made me feel good about the day ahead. I was not only nervous but also very excited too. I got on the Metro at 7.30am and arrived at my destination for about 8.20am, just slightly earlier than anticipated (but I guess it is always better to be early rather than late).

I was dressed in a formal outfit which made me feel like a very smart and mature individual!

Then I was introduced to four unique members of the team (four people whom I was about to spend the entire day with). The leader, Georgina, was a very polite and friendly young lady – she immediately made me feel very welcome in to these new surroundings.

Then the five of us stepped on to the Metro at Newcastle and headed out to Gateshead City Centre – I didn’t have a clue what the day ahead was about to offer – I just had to wait and see what happened.

Throughout the entire day, I took a seat in Subway which out looked on to a white tent style amateur. Within this tent stood the four sales individual’s from the marketing company, who aimed throughout the day, to get a number of people to sign up to their client – Vanquis Bank.

As I watched with eagerness and interest, I was also set a number of different tasks from Georgina (after all, this entire day was also an interview, but a very long one). Georgina set me a selection of tasks in order to understand more about myself and also gain an insight in to what I am capable of. Some of the tasks which I was set included:

  • List a selection of qualities which I have
  • List five strengths in me and also five weaknesses which I have
  • Pretend I am a visitor on Dragon’s Den – sell a brand new project, which doesn’t yet exist
  • Think of something in my head, absolutely anything and then sell it to Georgina without revealing what it is so that she can guess what the product is
  • Write a letter to the Marketing company’s owner and tell him why I would be a suitable candidate over anyone else for this job.

All in all, it was a very long day full of challenging tasks which motivated me and also enabled me to think long and hard about the correct answers.

The day lasted around 9 hours in total before we headed back to base.

Here Georgina set me up with a little test which focused on everything which I had learnt that day. My brain powered through the test and my hand moved as fast as lightning so that I didn’t instantly forget any of the answers.

Once completed, she took it up to the owner to have a look through. I awaited so nervously and anxiously for the result of my test and also the outcome of the day – have I received the job or not!

My heart pounded, my hands began to sweat and I prayed that the job would be mine.

About 15 minutes later, Georgina entered the room in which I was sitting and sat down next to me. She gave me small amounts of feedback from the day which were broken down in order to drag the feedback out. ‘Come on’ I thought, I just want to know!! But then suddenly, the word ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ beamed out of Georgina’s mouth and a massive smile swooped across her face!

I was shocked and excited and just wanted to raise my fist in the air and shout ‘YEEEES!’ But that would’ve been highly inappropriate, he he.

Ah, I was so over the moon and felt like the luckiest girl in the entire world!

As soon as I left the office, I rang around my parents, my sister and also my Yargs to reveal the news to them – each and every one of them was absolutely ‘buzzing’ for me!

It was a great day and being offered the job was the best feeling in the world!

On that same night, myself and Yargs headed straight to Frankie & Benny’s for a lush meal to celebrate my news!

Now, I can not wait to start, in a couple of weeks time!


Interview time: I dressed both formal and smart for my interview

Interview time: I dressed both formal and smart for my interview