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LAST Thursday, I got up bright and early for the second week running, in order to make yet another appearance on Siren FM.


At 7.55am, my phone began to ring loudly.

At this point, my heart began to race – no matter how many times I have been live on air with both Siren FM and also Southside Broadcasting, I still always get nervous beforehand. Now maybe that is just an emotion which will last with me throughout my work experience with both of these sister stations.

Anyway, moving on…

Over the phone Alex sounded very happy and cheery, as always, and he introduced me to the show.

We then listened intensely to the Sky News update, before beginning.

After which, the morning edition of Siren FM, began!!

On Thursday, I did a one-to-one telephone link with Mr Alex Lewzcuk – there were also meant to be three students present in the studio, but two were ill and the other didn’t make it there on time, unfortunately.

So, I interacted with just Alex, in order to entertain the general public listening in to the station at the time.

Firstly, our conversation began with the news that: ‘I have finally booked my driving theory test!’ I am extremely excited but also very nervous about this. Yep that’s right, I have finally plucked up the courage and applied to sit my theory, at the end of this month.

Alex was over the moon!

After confirming that the revision has already began, Alex then came up with the idea of coming up with a plan to produce a little interactive quiz with me online, before I sit my test. This will be a huge help and it will also allow me to study my theory that little bit harder.

Alongside this topical conversation, we once again discussed my work place (Burger King) and my experience at Teesside University.

Alex then mentioned the ‘Book of the Month’ show which takes place at Southside Broadcasting, on a monthly basis and allowed me to discover that Jennie Finch had been asking about me, AWW! I am really hoping to one day soon be able to attend the Southside Broadcasting studio for a detailed show and also see some faces which have become alike strangers.

The link between myself and Alex was very short but sweet. It lasted approximately 10 minutes before he moved on to his next telephonic link.

To end my link, Alex asked the famous two questions which occur after every single phone link – (I guess it is his little slogan, shall we say). These questions go as follows:

“Have you had a reasonably interesting telephonic link with us here at Siren today?”

“And if so, can we look forward to connecting with you again in the not too distant future?”

Of course, my response was positive; therefore, I did have an extremely interesting telephonic link with Siren FM and I will definitely be re-connecting with them again in the not too distant future.

Now, that’s a wrap!!