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AS most of you all probably know, just over a week ago, I took part in a live phone-in with Siren FM (a community radio station based in the heart of Lincoln).

And on Thursday morning, I am making yet another appearance!

I am so excited right now, at the thought of this.

I’ve just been sent a schedule of Thursday morning’s show, via email and it is jam-packed with lots of chatter!

Siren FM: Schedule for Thursday morning's show

Siren FM: Schedule for Thursday morning’s show

As you can see, I am due to be on-air at 8.03am – bright and early, right!

But, the timing isn’t affecting me.

Being able to connect with both Siren FM and also Southside Broadcasting gives me a great insight in to the radio industry and it also provides me with amazing experience, which I am so grateful for.

I thoroughly enjoy gaining work experience opportunities within the radio industry.

On Thursday, my aim is to talk about my blog a little more and also provide an insight in to my life here in Sunderland.

Connecting with Siren FM provides me with a fab opportunity of getting in touch with new people and also creating new contacts for working life.

So, all that’s left for me to say is…

“Make sure you guys all tune in to Siren FM (107.3 FM), on Thursday morning, and keep in touch with myself and the rest of the team based at Siren”.