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Have any of you guys seen it yet? If so, what were your thoughts on this truly original ‘masterpiece!’ (Please share…)

According to The Telegraph (Online), 50 Shades of Grey sold a staggering 5.3 million book copies. Now, that is a lot of copies, right? I mean, come on, it even ‘surpassed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!’

Anyway, on Saturday night I went along to my local cinema alongside my Yargs and two of our work friends – Robbie and Lucy, to watch this film.

Originally, I thought to myself that I would probably not go and watch this movie as I never took an interest in to any of the books. I remember when they first went on sale and my Facebook and Twitter feeds were completely covered in comments and posts about this novel but I never took a shine to it… for some reason, I didn’t want to be alike everyone else and read it just for the sake of it. Therefore, I thought I’d feel the same about the movie.

But no, I guess I was wrong!

On Friday night, Lucy asked each of us if we would like to go and watch it. The guys reaction was an instant ‘YES’, but I was in two minds. Anyway after a little convincing I agreed to go and discover what all the fuss had been about.

And well…

I must admit, I can see why it got all of the attention it did!

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and instantly took a liking to the main female character – Anastasia. Although, I did enjoy it, I was left feeling quite surprised as I thought there was a more romantic intention behind it. Obviously, I was wrong.

My friend, Kristie Smith, also said: “After reading the book when it first came out, I expected a lot more from the film, but I discovered that certain chunks of the book were cropped out, which I thought was a shame”.

She followed: “Although I did enjoy it, I was just expecting different expectations. For example, it’s only a small matter, but I thought Mr Grey would be a red head, as it stated in the book, rather than dark”.

On Saturday evening when we first walked in to the cinema, bouncers stood tall and broad at each entrance and the place heaved with lots of customers – most of whom were older women dressed smartly in their pointed high heels. Now, this time, the cinema had a little twist – it was selling small bottles of wine at the popcorn counter – this is definitely something which I am not used to seeing (he he).

Walking in to the screen, followed by groups of people, we took our seats at the back row. Gradually the cinema began to get busier and busier. After half an hour of adverts, the film began to start…

Now, I am not going to sit here and bore y’all with the same old reviews, because I am well aware that there are already so many out there.

But, what I will say is that considering this movie took on a new twist and had some pretty graphic scenes, it is a rather enjoyable movie which is definitely worth a watch. Also, the ending certainly did leave me thinking: ‘WHAT, NO, THAT CAN’T BE THE END’. But, I guess this just shows that more will follow, and I am sure it will sell it’s tickets just as well as this one did.

50 Shades of Grey: "Best selling book of all time" - according to The Telegraph

50 Shades of Grey: “Best selling book of all time” – according to The Telegraph