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AFTER a very long time, I swung right back in to the radio business, earlier this morning.

I woke up bright and early (something which I am no longer used to, he he), at 7.30am and drew my curtains to see grey clouds filling the skies above. At first I felt a little tired and wanted to crawl straight back in to my warm, comfortable bed. But then it suddenly hit me and I remembered why I had woken so early – I was about to carry out a telephonic link with Siren FM – ‘Lincoln’s first community radio station’. WOO! I was feeling very excited about this.

When I was at University, I used to attend a regular work experience placement at Southside Broadcasting (a free hospital radio service, specifically for James Cook University Hospital). Also, on the odd few occasions my parents would travel alongside me, down to Lincoln University, in order to take part in Siren FM’s ‘Drivetime’ edition. At both of these radio stations, I co-presented in both live and pre-recorded shows, I improved my knowledge and understanding of the radio industry and I also co-produced ‘book of the month’ club.

Both Southside and Siren opened up a lot of doors for me and taught me a whole heap of new and extremely interesting skills. But, unfortunately, once I came to the end of my University studies, I began to work full time which meant I only had a little spare time to myself. Therefore; I struggled to find the appropriate times to head down to each of these stations and take part in a show.

The last time I attended Southside Broadcasting studio for a show was on: Friday 1st August 2014… WOW, that is a very long time ago. But please don’t worry, because today I finally got back in to the swing of radio life and I thoroughly enjoyed it – no way am I going to miss out on radio experience for that length of time again!

Today, at 8.10am, I connected with Siren FM through a telephonic link. Here I was joined by the Master, Alex Lewczuk, himself, as well as three Lincoln University students – Emma Tinson, Jessica Ward and Jarrah Johnson.Β To start off the link, I listened deeply in to a very interesting interview taking place between Dr Sarah Jarvis and Alex, himself. The interview was all about eyes – Sarah gave out some extremely interesting tips and advice on ways to look after our eyes. These, as we all know, are a very special part of us which we need to look after, cautiously, on a daily basis. Many people don’t understand the true meaning behind some fixtures which our eyes make us have to deal with, for example, did you know that if you were walking outside in the blustery wind and your eyes started to water and tears began to fall, this is not because your eyes are watery, but this is because your eyes are dry and they are trying to adapt to this form of fresh air. Eyes need to be kept clean and moist at all times, to prevent them from drying out, on occasions like this.

After taking on board this interesting interview, it was then my turn to do some talking… Alex tends to introduce me on air as ‘the legend, Miss Kayleigh Carr’, which always sparks a nice feeling inside of me – it certainly does make me feel good. The conversation at stake was about life for me in general, what sort of things am I getting up to at the moment, what advice would I give current students on University, my blog and primarily, this week, the topical conversation was… Burger King – a fast food restaurant where I am currently working full time at the moment. There was a few passing jokes taking place during this conversation, about Burger King which made me chuckle a little and certainly brightened up my morning.

Although, I am a graduate with no graduate job opportunity opening it’s doors to me yet, I am still extremely grateful to say that I have a full time job, which is allowing me to earn my own living.

Alongside discussing my work life, I also gave out some advice to current students, something I have said before and I will say it again and again if people ask me – ‘Enjoy every single moment of University, they truly are the best years of your life and they’ll be over before you know it’. But remember, as well as enjoying it, don’t forget to work hard and come out with the degree you have been hoping for.

As well as this, I also got to advertise THIS – my blog (unravel a pretty puzzle) which made me very excited! I love letting people know about my blog and urging them to look at it, in great depth. As well as keeping this blog, I also hold another blog which focuses solely on my experiences at Southside Broadcasting. This blog can be found at: www.discoversouthside.wordpress.com. Now, although, I haven’t updated this blog for a while, as I have been so busy with work and stuff, I am now hoping to get back in to the swing of it and start taking part in a lot more shows and telephonic links with both Southside and Siren, in order to be able to blog about each one of them again.