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WELL that’s another weekend over which means only one thing… Valentine’s Day is also over for yet another year! Boo.

How did you chose to spend this extra special day?

Valentine's Day: A celebration of love

Valentine’s Day: A celebration of love

Well, luckily for me, I was given the whole weekend off work, which doesn’t usually happen. This meant that I spent the entire weekend with Yargs.

On Saturday we headed out to both Newcastle and the Metro Centre to do some much needed retail therapy – we shopped for hours in high street names and also designer names and looked at lots of different things which we’d love to have, if of course we had the money, he he.

Then on the evening, we headed down towards the beach, around the marina bit, which was illuminated with street lights and little yachts which bobbled across the sea line as faint waves crashed against the walls. Here, we went for a lovely Italian meal, where we got situated on a window table, which allowed us to view the astonishing views which stood in front of us.

Here we pigged out completely – I had a lovely, moist ham and mushroom pizza whereas Yargs got an unusual style spaghetti dish with lots of chicken inside. Alongside that we also got a tomato garlic bread to share which was unreal. Then for afters, we got an extremely unusual mousse type dessert which was smothered in a very sweet strawberry style sauce, with a dollop of whipped cream on the surface. It was a delicious meal!

Now not only did I have an amazing day with Yargs, but he also treat me to a beautifully decorated red rose which is currently playing the centre piece on my dining room table. I was truly shocked to be given such a gorgeous gift which leaves a lovely smell.