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HAVE you ever been left feeling completely ecstatic and overjoyed by some great news?

Well, I certainly have!

Today myself and my 24 year old sister hugged each other with sheer happiness after receiving the news that one of her best friends is finally in remission after battling with cancer for two years.

Louise fought against the disease for two whole years – a very long time – but not once did she gave up. Each and every single day Louise performed unbelievable amounts of strength and left so so many people around her feeling very inspired. Her courage and determination was ultimately brilliant.

Today, me and my sister are feeling happier than ever! As I am not as close to Louise as my sister is, it has been extremely hard for me watch my sister go through so many different emotions in relation to this. Therefore, to see her face light up with sheer pride and happiness today made my heart melt.

Now, all that’s for us to do is celebrate… Let’s crack open the drinks because Louise you kicked cancer’s butt in a way that no one could ever imagine!