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AFTER what feels like a very long, cold, blustery winter, summer is fast approaching… With only a few months to go until the light nights pull in and the sun begins to beam through our windows, summer is finally just around the corner! WOO HOO!

I must admit I absolutely love the summer. Bright sunshine sparkling up above, chilled walks along the sandy beach with friends, the strong smell of BBQ’s sinking in to your clothes, ice cold drinks chilling in the fridge freezer, ice cream pouring through each finger tip as your cone starts to melt and endless laughs with friends and family whilst relaxing in to your sun lounger in the back garden sum up summer perfectly… Ahhh!

It is definitely the most perfect time of year.

Now, do you guys have a summer holiday booked up yet? If so, I am extremely jealous! I am always so last minute when it comes to booking up a summer holiday, yet with everything else I am always so organised.

But, don’t panic cause I’m on it… Today I went out and collected a heap of holiday brochures from a variety of different travel agent stores and believe me, the amount I got, they’re currently taking over my bed, ha.

This year I am planning to go on a summer holiday with my Yargs (very exciting)! This will be the first ever holiday we will share together which makes it extra special. Our plan at the moment is to go somewhere in Europe and Spain is without a shadow of a doubt tickling our fancy and standing out from the crowd.

As holidays are quite an expensive time of year for everyone – paying for the holiday, purchasing new summer clothes and accessories and also saving up for spending money – we are looking for somewhere not too expensive.

The reason why Spain is currently standing out to us is because the hotels look absolutely beautiful overlooking the aqua blue seas.

We just want a holiday where we can spend about one week just chilling and relaxing with each other – enjoying the red hot sun, doing some exciting water activitiesΒ on the sea, splashing around in the cool pool together and also have some local bars where we can go for a nice chilled drink together.

Now this is making me extremely excited already! Just talking about summer holidays fills my body with goosebumps and uncontrollable excitement. I can’t wait to have a set date and get one booked so that I can hit the shops and start purchasing my bikinis.

If you already have your summer holiday booked for this year, where are you going? Is it somewhere hot and relaxing or are you the type of person who likes to go out on daily adventures and see the place your staying? Why not start getting excited about it now and let me know all about it! πŸ™‚

Spain: A place where the sun, sea and cocktails await

Spain: A place where the sun, sea and cocktails await