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OKAY so recently, I have found myself being a little more pro-active compared to my usual lazy self.

But please, don’t act too surprised, I’ve already shocked myself (he he).

At the beginning of this new chapter in my life, the start of 2015, I went online and joined Pure Gym. After all, this was definitely one of my main goals – to become fitter and certainly become a lot more active.

As you all already know I have been attending the gym on a regular basis with a guy who I’m currently seeing. Each time I go, my body feels fitter and more and more energy burns from inside me. This simply proves that the gym is allowing me to become a lot more energetic and fitter. The more times I go, the more my body gets used to this brand new change; therefore, each time I tend to push myself that little bit harder – from 5 sit ups to 10 sit ups to 15 sit ups, etc…

Now, considering you all know about my gym experience anyway (especially those of you who happen to keep updated with my blog, regularly), I will not bore you all with the same old nonsense, he he.

No, cause not only do I attend the gym on a regular basis, but I also go swimming too.

When I was a kid, growing up in to adulthood, I used to attend swimming a lot – I used to go to swimming lessons, where I received a number of badges and certificates for my performance and I also used to go with family. Swimming was a real hobby to me which I absolutely loved doing.

Anyway for the last couple of years, I’m gonna be honest and let you all in on a little secret… I haven’t stepped foot in to a swimming pool or even tipped the tips of my purple painted toes in to a pool. Now, considering how much I enjoyed this hobby, this actually shocked me too.

But since joining the gym, only a short while ago, I also began to take up swimming again – not alone of course, but with my little Yargs 🙂

At first, it was just a casual bit of fun, playing around and having lots of fun in the water by using all of the inflatables around us – just like big kids! It felt great to be back in the water and back in my comfort zone of an active hobby.

But, after just a couple of times, we began to take the experience a little more serious and began to swim lengths. At first, these were extremely tiring, I felt out of breath after the first length and I put myself down a little – watching other people around me swim length after length was exhausting, ‘I wish I could be that fit’, I thought. But hey, I guess everyone has to start from somewhere right and considering I haven’t been for years, this was a whole new experience for me again.

I guess if I just continue attending the gym on a regular basis and also go swimming every week, my body will become used to the idea of exercise and within a few weeks, I should begin to feel the real benefit of an active lifestyle and also be able to swim more than just one length of a swimming pool.