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FOR a good few months now I have not purchased any kind of face wash to use on a daily basis. Now don’t get the wrong idea and start saying ‘EW’, please, ha!

For weeks on end I, previously, bought myself a number of different face washes to try out and try to find the perfect one. But nothing was working for me. No matter how many I seemed to try out, my vague dry skin was not shifting and I began to get spots… Massive no go!

This was so frustrating for me. I thought to myself, ‘How could it possibly be so hard for me to find a suitable face wash for my skin’. Anyhow, after a while I suddenly gave up looking and I began to scrub my face each morning and evening with warm water, only (not too hot and certainly not too cold). As well as this, I was also moisturising my face with Nivea face cream (a true God send). Once I began to apply this particular face cream, my face instantly felt softer and smoother and finally, I was happy.

Until of course,  up until a few days ago… On pay day, a few days ago I headed in to town to purchase all of my cosmetics for the month (this is a regular thing which I do each month). Whilst raking through the shelves of Superdrug, I came across a brand new ‘Nivea – sensitive cleansing milk‘ product which my eyes were immediately drawn to.

The word ‘milk’ instantly made this product appeal to me – a lovely, creamy, beaming white sort of texture, right! Not only this, but also the word ‘sensitive’ stood out to me as I have very sensitive skin. Therefore, I need to find appropriate beauty products suitable for my particular face type. Once I read the back of this particular bottle, I knew deep down that I had to purchase this along with all of my other cosmetics. After all, it only cost me £3.69… That’s nice and cheap, right? But as I was walking towards the till, gripping tightly on to this milk, only one thought cropped in to my mind this time: ‘Please make this be the right one for me’. After all, I became rather sick and tired of just using warm water, as deep down I knew it wasn’t fully hygienic.

After arriving home and chilling for the rest of the evening, it was finally time to shower and try out my brand new face wash… *drum roll*.

As I flipped open the bottle lid, I poured out a small amount on to my left hand, I then selected a small proportion of it on to my right hand and started soothing the milk right in to my skin, slowly moisturising it round and round in repeated circles – it felt great! It gave a lovely smooth yet chilled feel to my face. Once I finally got it all rubbed in, I left it for a couple of seconds to soak in and get right in to the pours of my skin. Suddenly, I felt a vague sense of heat spreading throughout my face like fireworks. At this point, I knew that the milk was soothing in to my skin. Once I got this feeling, I washed it off using nice, warm water. Eventually when I became to dry my face, I rubbed my hands softly up and down my cheeks and WOW, what a difference it made already! It felt absolutely great!

After only one use of this product, I suddenly felt cleaner, fresher, smoother and my skin felt healthier, already.

Therefore, I am now finally happy to say that I have finally found a product suitable for my face… Woooo!! Although, it took a while, I knew I’d get there eventually. After all, I know that I can always rely on Nivea.

So, all that’s left for me to say is… ‘Go on, give it a go!’

Nivea Cleansing Milk: The perfect option for healthier skin

Nivea Cleansing Milk: The perfect option for healthier skin