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1. I absolutely adore spending time and having a ball with friends and family – spending endless hours of fun with family at the caravan and laughing until my tummy hurts with friends.

2. Lately, I have been totally addicted to chocolate covered pretzels and also chicken – two completely different types of food, but each one is certainly taking a toll on my taste buds.

3. One day I would love to go travelling and see the beauty of the world with my own eyes.

4. I have one big dream in life and that is, one day be able to visit New York City and see all of the amazing attractions for myself. Not only that, but I literally want to ‘shop till I drop’ in designer goods too.

5. Although I studied Multimedia Journalism at University, I really want to gain a career in the police – become a police officer. After all, I do have an NCTJ qualification in Law.

6. My favourite time of year is most definitely Christmas – spending time with loved ones and sharing kindness, love and happiness around the table. I also love exchanging gifts, Christmas shopping, putting up the Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas songs (especially ‘Fairy tale of New York’ – my favourite one of all time), eating Christmas dinner and more. To make Christmas extra special too, I absolutely love when it snows.

7. I absolutely adore dogs! My family have a cute little dog named Poppy – she is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrior. At times she is absolutely crazy – running wild and barking at everyone but other times, she’s so warm and cuddly.

8. I have a huge love for vintage shops and craft shops. I have a huge interest in looking deeply in to vintage fashion and discovering new trends on social media. My favourite vintage shop is called Vintageous Rags which lies in the heart of Middlesbrough town centre on Baker Street. I also have an obsession with owls so I enjoy purchasing craft owls from markets and shops alike vintage.

9. I love the sound of music blasting through my ear phones, especially music from Ed Sheeran, The Script and Coldplay – I am a huge fan of these three artists alone.

10. I am a 21 year old Multimedia Journalism Graduate, currently working in Burger King. I have fourΒ main goals, in life, which are:

  • Pass my driving test.
  • Gain a successful career in the Police.
  • Become fitter, as I recently joined the gym.
  • Gain the opportunity to visit New York City, one day.
One life, lots of dreams...

One life, lots of dreams…